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John Schenkel

President and CEO

GenNext Technologies and NeoProteomics have joined forces to advance biomolecular footprinting know-how and utility in biopharmaceutical and structural biology research. Neo is a world-recognized leader in footprinting services for biopharmaceutical and structural biology research supporting numerous partner companies and research laboratories worldwide. GenNext is the world’s only provider of footprinting instruments, software, and accessories that enable higher order structural analysis to be performed on compact, powerful, and intuitive benchtop instrumentation. Together, we are collaborating to help researchers increase the speed and accuracy of their biologics and small molecule drug development.

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Together, GenNext and NeoProteomics are developing an informative new website,, to provide a connection to Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF) innovation, people, technology, services, and products. The website will also showcase the latest news and educational resources for HRPF. The site will serve researchers working in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical development as well as those conducting structural biological studies. Moreover, we are pleased to announce an upcoming webinar series intended to educate and promote the dissemination of footprinting know-how, highlighting its applied value in biopharmaceutical and structural biology research. Four one-hour webinars are planned and you can learn more here.

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