Fall 2020 Protein Footprinting Webinar Series

Introduction to Protein Footprinting

Presented by Professor Mark Chance of Case Western Reserve University and Professor Joshua Sharp of the University of Mississippi

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
11 am-12 noon PDT

This 60-minute webinar, hosted in association with Cambridge Healthtech Institute, provides an overarching review of and instruction in the theory behind protein footprinting techniques and applications. Receive instruction in the various benchtop covalent modification approaches as well as rapid labeling techniques such as X-ray synchrotron and Fast Photo-Oxidation of Protein (FPOP) hydroxyl radical protein foot-printing (HRPF). Examine the practical implications to applied research in biopharmaceutical research, protein interaction, biosimilar development, epitope mapping, paratope mapping, ligand-binding, drug-protein interaction, and conformational change analysis.


Protein Footprinting Applications in Structural Biology

Presented by Professor Michael Gross of the Washington University in St. Louis

Wednesday, October 14, 2020
11 am-12 noon PDT

This hour-long seminar, hosted in assocaition with The Ananlyitical Scientist, reviews a litany of structural biology case studies in which protein footprinting has been successfully applied to solve valuable problems frequently encountered in biopharmaceutical research. Examples in epitope and paratope mapping; protein interactions; receptor-drug interactions; and protein folding/unfolding are provided. An emphasis upon the advantageous application of protein footprinting technology in biopharmaceutical research is provided.


Fast Photochemical Oxidation of Proteins (FPOP) HRPF

Presented by Professor Joshua Sharp of the University of Mississippi

This 60-minute webinar provides detailed instruction in theory, experimental design, and practical performance of FPOP HRPF experiments. Particular emphasis will be placed upon achieving robust reproducible labeling using real-time radical dosimetry leveraging exemplary applications.


HRPF Data Processing and Higher Order Structural Analysis

Presented by Professor Mark Chance of Case Western University, Professor Joshua Sharp of the University of Mississippi, and Lisa Jones of the University of Maryland Baltimore

A detailed discussion of data processing and associated analytics for HRPF studies is presented. Emphasis is placed upon means of effective data processing for peptide and residue level differential analysis and practical implications to alterations in protein higher order structure as a result of ligand binding, antibody-antigen interactions, as well as protein interaction dynamics.


In-cell and in vivo FPOP

Presented by Professor Lisa Jones of the University of Maryland Baltimore

This hour-long seminar reviews recent accomplishments in the performance of in-cell and whole organism FPOP. Detailed discussion in experimental design and format is provided along with exemplary discussion of strengths and benefits when contrasted with in vitro FPOP. Implications to protein HOS research and drug research are presented, leveraging authentic research performed investigating protein differential analysis among eukaryotic cells and C. elegans.



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