GenNext Technologies is looking for outstanding, driven, entrepreneurial, and courageous people, who seek the excitement and reward of creating dynamic and valuable new products to accelerate biopharmaceutical development!

Our management is a highly accomplished team with serial start-up success in biological and biopharmaceutical analysis. We seek like-minded scientists, engineers, and sales/marketing professionals who wish to break free of the confines of large corporations and apply their strength, innovative vision, and talent towards building a revolutionary new approach to biopharmaceutical analysis.

Applied Research Scientist

GenNext Technologies is seeking an outstanding, highly motivated, entrepreneurial, and resourceful applied research scientist with expertise in structural proteomics, biophysics, and higher order protein structural analysis to work with our customers and our research & development, sales, and marketing teams.

Requirements: The successful candidate will design, develop, and perform hydroxyl radical protein foot-printing higher order structural analysis in the area of protein biochemistry and biopharmaceutical analysis. Moreover, he or she will analyze customer samples as part of the company’s fee-for service early access business, while assisting in the generation of product application literature, selling tools, and training tools. Further, the successful candidate is expected to contribute to the creation of intellectual property and technical know-how, while interfacing with design scientists and engineers on application concerns for product development. He/she will work with R&D on product development and workflows/protocols along with working with R&D personnel to benchmark competitive technologies and products and to create product test suites and performance standards. The successful candidate will demonstrate the highest degree of professionalism while interacting with company cliental, as well as an innate ability to establish, manage, and maintain client-company rapport.

Qualifications: This position requires a MS or preferentially a PhD degree in a relevant biological discipline (biochemistry, biophysics, and proteomics), a minimum of 5 years (Masters) or 3 years (PhD) work experience in biotech/pharmaceutical industry or academia. Experience in the design and performance of higher order structural analysis experiments using the following technologies are desired: fast photo-oxidation of protein analysis; hydrogen/deuterium exchange; LC-Ms(n), immunoassays, gel electrophoresis, and protein separation/purification schemes. Excellent oral and written communication, organizational, and record-keeping skills, as well as the ability to work as an effective and efficient team member is a must. Strong experimental design and analytical skills capabilities are required. The successful candidate must be a self-motivated scientist, with demonstrated enthusiasm and curiosity in his/her scientific work.

Compensation: GenNext Technologies offers salaries and benefits as well as employee stock options competitive with other early stage companies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Please forward inquiries to [email protected].