Fox® Services Program

The GenNext Services Program offers you access to our proprietary Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF) technology to solve valuable and intractable problems—while constraining upfront costs and risk—as you evaluate the impact of Fox HOS on your research. Our Services option is a convenient and cost-effective means for you to validate Fox HRPF advantages over alternative HOS methods, while becoming experienced and proficient in the use of this emerging technique.

  • Validation step to test the impact of Fox HOS on your research.

  • Low risk with an easy and cost-effective way to experiment with Fox technology.

  • Gain competency to become a leader in the emerging field of HOS research.

Contact us to gain access to Fox technology via our service program.

Fox Services

Let our team show you how the GenNext Fox platform can transform your HRPF research results by taking the first step with a Services Program!

  • Differential protein HOS studies

    • Biosimilar-originator HOS studies
    • Expression platform HOS studies
    • Formulation HOS studies
  • Protection – Deprotection analysis

    • Antibody-antigen epitope and paratope mapping
    • Protein-ligand interaction HOS studies
    • Protein-protein interaction HOS studies
    • Receptor-drug interaction HOS studies

Contact us for more information regarding our service access route and together we will define a valuable program to advance your research.

Customized Programs

Each program is tailored to meet your HOS analytical needs with an affordable fee-for-service structure. Using a research collaboration model, we will define a specific multi-phase approach that facilitates timely turn-around of valuable research data. Regularly scheduled checkpoint meetings enable collaborative review of experimental results and further refinement of each program.

  • Affordable fee-for-service structure.

  • Multi-phase approach resulting in fast answers.

  • Continual refinement with collaborative review of experimental results.

 Start our collaboration now so we can custom build your HOS service package.

Preferential System Pricing

In addition to obtaining valuable research data and results, as a service client you qualify for advanced instrumentation access at preferential pricing when you are ready to bring the analytical power of Fox technology in-house.

Contact us now to learn about special system pricing for service project customers.

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Discover the Benefits of HRPF

Accelerate biopharmaceutical and biosimilar development and protein conformational research.