The Fox System:
Enabling Advances in the
Drug Discovery & Development Pipeline

Biopharmaceutical researchers are leveraging the protein decoding power of the Flash Oxidation (Fox) Protein Footprinting System throughout the drug discovery and development pipeline for biologics.
Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF), automated by the Fox System, provides valuable structural insights and contributes to understanding the interactions between the drug and the target protein. Fox Technology can characterize binding modes, evaluate structural changes, support regulatory submissions, and ensure the quality and stability of the biologic.
Discover how you can take advantage of Fox technology to gain valuable insights in your stage of the pipeline.


Target Discovery & Validation

Overall, the Fox System contributes to target discovery and validation by delivering valuable insights into the functional relevance and therapeutic potential of potential drug targets.

Hit Identification & Lead Optimization

Once potential hits or lead compounds have been identified, the Fox System provides valuable insights into the molecular interactions and structural changes induced by hit compounds and lead compounds, aiding in the rational design and optimization of potential drug candidates.


Preclinical Development

Fox Footprinting contributes to preclinical drug development by furthering the understanding the drug’s mechanism of action, assessing its specificity and safety, and optimizing its pharmacological properties before advancing to clinical trials.

Clinical Development

Overall, Fox Footprinting contributes to clinical drug development by producing findings used to optimize the drug’s efficacy, safety, and personalized therapeutic approaches in clinical settings.


The Fox System can provide valuable insights in the latter stages of the biopharmaceutical development effort including formulation, stability testing, quality control, regulatory review, and ongoing surveillance.

The Missing Piece in Your Drug Discovery & Development Workflow

The Fox System delivers high-value insights throughout the drug discovery and development pipeline, from target identification to quality control. By providing insights into protein structure, binding interactions, formulation effects, and stability, Fox-based studies improve the understanding of drug candidates and aid in the development of safe and effective therapeutics.

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