mAb Characterization Using Flash Oxidation Technology and Mass Spectrometry

Enhance your understanding of protein High Order Structure (HOS) for therapeutics with protein footprinting technology coupled to high-resolution mass spectrometry using both CID and EAD peptide fragmentation.

The HOS of protein therapeutics is integral to a drug’s stability, safety, and biological function. Incorrect configurations of HOS or interactions with therapeutic targets can lead to adverse drug reactions. Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF), utilizing the Fox® Protein Footprinting System, enables the exploration of the effects of epitope/paratope mapping, aggregation-interface identification, formulation, small molecule binding, and other factors, thereby enhancing the understanding and significance of therapeutic HOS.

About Dr. Zhi Cheng

Dr. Zhi Cheng is an Applied Research Scientist at GenNext Technologies, Inc. In this role, Dr Cheng focuses on the use of LC-MS techniques for proteomics studies, including in-cell fast photo-oxidation of proteins (IC-FPOP) for proteome-wide structural biology to characterize cellular drug–target interactions. She received her PhD in Analytical Biochemistry from the University of Mississippi under the direction of Professor Joshua Sharp. During her studies with Professor Sharp, Dr Cheng served as the primary scientist responsible for the development of on-line HRPF labeling of samples separated by liquid chromatography using both excimer lasers and GenNext’s Flash Oxidation (Fox®) system. Dr Cheng is an expert in HRPF, proteomics and glycomics.

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