GenNext Technologies Introduces Protein Footprinting Products to The Peoples Republic of China (PRC)

An exclusive distribution agreement is in place with Worldwide Technology (S.H.) Co., Ltd.

​HALF MOON BAY, Calif. – April 28, 2023 – GenNext Technologies, Inc. (GenNext), announced today the continuation of its global expansion program through the agreement with Worldwide Technology (S.H.) Co., Ltd., to provide Flash Oxidation (Fox®) Protein Footprinting Systems to the PRC life science research market.

Worldwide Technology has been selected as the exclusive distributor of the GenNext product portfolio for the PRC. Jointly, GenNext and Worldwide Technology will provide sales and marketing, customer service, technical support, training, and related logistical efforts for Fox Protein Footprinting Systems.

Headquarter in Hong Kong, Worldwide Technology has been a premier distributor of life science, physical testing, environmental monitoring, industrial, and other laboratory equipment for the past ten years.

Steven Zhu, CEO of Worldwide Technology, shared, “We are honored that GenNext chose us as their partner. My team is eager to introduce our local scientific community to the innovative method of Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF). Ultimately, we are excited to help our customers discover and develop biopharmaceuticals faster and with higher quality.”

GenNext introduced Fox-Based HRPF technology to the market as an easier and more insightful way to do protein Higher Order Structure (HOS) analysis that increases the effectiveness and minimizes adverse drug reactions of biopharmaceuticals.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Worldwide Technology as we deploy our global expansion program,” said Scot R. Weinberger, CEO and Founder of GenNext. He continued, “Just like innovators in North America, Europe, and Japan, we predict that Chinese biopharmaceutical researchers will also take on our HRPF technology as the leading method to understand biotherapeutic higher order structure.”

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Founder and CEO
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