The Next Generation of
Protein HOS Analysis

Reinventing Protein Higher Order Structural Analysis via State-of-the-Art Protein Footprinting

The Fox® Protein Footprinting System employs hydroxyl radicals (•OH) to examine the solvent accessibility of amino acid side chains within a protein. By selectively abstracting hydrogen atoms from exposed amino acids, •OH radicals induce the formation of oxidation products, enabling the detection and analysis of vital information concerning protein structure and dynamics. Automated HRPF, made possible by the Fox System, delivers crucial HOS information that greatly influences the safety, efficacy, and quality of biologics.

Comprised of a user-friendly benchtop instrument coupled with intuitive data analysis software, the Fox System makes it possible for biopharmaceutical researchers to easily and efficiently unravel the mysteries of protein HOS. This powerful tool opens new avenues for studying and understanding proteins, accelerating advancements in biopharmaceutical research and development.

  • Direct Assessment of Solvent Accessibility

  • Higher-Order Structure Validation

  • High Spatial Resolution

  • Versatility Across Protein Classes

  • Complementary to Other Techniques

  • Protein-Protein Interactions

  • Epitope & Paratope Mapping

  • Protein-Ligand Interactions

  • Protein Folding & Conformational Changes

  • Regions Impacted by Allostery

  • Glycoprotein Structure & Function

  • Rapidly Test Structural Models

Hands-Free, High-Throughput
Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting

With the launch of our new AutoFox® Protein Footprinting System, GenNext is empowering structural biology researchers to perform fully-automated Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting (HRPF) without the need for expensive, complicated, and hazardous lasers. Plus, GenNext’s FoxWare® Software removes data processing bottlenecks with this powerful program tailored to meet the demands of HOS analysis.

Learn how our products can easily fit into your lab’s workflow or test-drive the Fox System on an outsourced project basis.

HRPF Services for Monoclonal Antibodies

Let the experienced GenNext research team generate high-value information on the characterization of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) for more effective and safe biologics. Start a project today to study antigen-binding sites, epitope/paratope mapping, host antibody responses, antibody aggregation, and more.

In mAb design, use the high-resolution structural information generated from HRPF for epitope and paratope mapping to accelerate the rational design of therapeutics. In mAb production, use HRPF to monitor mAb structure during scale-up to ensure batch-to-batch structure stability over time, ensuring product shelf life and continued efficacy.

Unlike other protein structure analysis techniques, the Fox Protein Footprinting System delivers dynamic, in-solution structure and interaction information for a wide range of protein sizes, states, and concentrations.

Explore the Advantages of HRPF Via Fox Services

Complement your traditional HOS methods or begin a totally new route to modern HOS analysis. Check out our TOOLKIT to learn how our service delivers new and actionable data beyond traditional HOS methods.


Evaluating MS-Based HRPF of a Benchtop Fox System against a Synchrotron X-ray Beamline

The Fox System delivers comparable performance to beam line x-ray synchrotron radiation for radical protein footprinting experiments under relevant physiological conditions.


GenNext Unveils the First Fully Automated HRPF System at CASSS MS

The new AutoFox System promises to deliver hands-free, high-throughput Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting for sophisticated Higher Order Structural (HOS) analysis.


GenNext & SCIEX to Co-Market an Advanced HOS Workflow

Together, the companies will spread the adoption of the latest HOS and Mass Spec technologies to help scientists improve the safety, stability, and effectiveness of biotherapeutics.


Announcing Emery Pharma Partnership on Full-Solution Protein Footprinting Services

Together, we will provide best-in-class pharmaceutical functional and structural analysis for allosteric and monoclonal antibody therapeutics.

On-Demand Presentations

mAb Characterization Using Fox Technology & MS

Explore protein footprinting technology coupled to HR mass spectrometry using CID and EAD peptide fragmentation.

Radical Protein Footprinting in Mammalian Whole Blood

Learn about radical protein footprinting in mammalian whole blood, a new technology for clinical structural proteomics.

FPOP for Problem Solving in Protein Chemistry and Biology

Learn how FPOP has proven to be a versatile tool for problem solving in protein chemistry and biology.

Using HRPF to detect transient interactions in complex samples and generate valuable protein HOS information.

Genentech Webinar with the Scientific Advisory Board

Hacking structural biology for drug discovery using MS, expanding HRPF applications, and new in-cell and in-vivo applications.

Technologies for Higher Order Structural Analysis

Helping you choose the method that empowers your lab to develop safe and effective biotherapeutics.

Fox™ Protein Footprinting for mAb Aggregation

Learn how you can characterize mAb aggregation and determine how excipients help stabilize the protein.

Revolutionizing Protein HOS Analysis with Fox Protein Footprinting

Overview of HRPF focusing on the fundamentals of the technique and applications in pharmaceutical science.

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The application of Fox-based HRPF technology in biopharmaceutical research is always expanding, from drug-binding, mAb therapeutics, and protein aggregation to formulation studies.


Watch recorded presentations, protocols, and interviews with GenNext scientists and our Scientific Advisory Board on on subjects ranging from applications to methods.

HOS Technology

GenNext sifted through the available HOS analysis options to help you determine the most robust, cost-effective, and workflow-friendly approach for your lab.

The Team

The GenNext team is an accomplished collection experts who have been creating first-in-class life science tools for both startups and industry giants.


Learn about Hydroxyl Radical Protein Footprinting technology by reading the growing list of publications authored by GenNext scientists and members of our Scientific Advisory Board.

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Accelerate biopharmaceutical and biosimilar development and protein conformational research.